December Haul

Happy New Year everybody! I hop everyone had an awesome time ringing in 2013 last night. I actually got really tired around 10:30 last night because I'm an old lady, but managed to stay up until midnight. Is it sad that my mother stayed up later than I did? It's a little sad. And kid of ironic since she is usually asleep by 8 every night. So... my December haul...Oh, boy... I kind of fell off the low-buy wagon. Hard. Like, a bunch of times. I did manage to scratch some items off my wish list (and that's a good thing, right?). Check out the list below. And please...don't judge. 

Revlon - Popular, Ruby Ribbon and Sequins. Were buy two, get one free at Ulta. Am seriously in love with Sequins.

Urban Outfitters - Afterhours, Dust, Lollipop and Mystic. Well, they were 2 for $8. Why would I only get one?

Essence -  Black is Back, Grey-T to be Here, Off to Miami, and Ultimate Pink. Buy one get one half off at Ulta and they only cost $1.99 regular price.Totally a deal.

Cirque - French Roast. Decided to stop playing around and actually buy something off my wish list for a change. Total splurge. Totally worth it.

NeenerNeener Nails - Oh, Natural and Ice Princess. Minis from Etsy. Super cute. Can't wait to swatch.

Wet N' Wild Fergie Collection  - Take The Stage. Was attempting to curb my lust for one of my  more expensive wishes with this one. Didn't work. But it is pretty.

American Apparel - Dynasty, Solar Flare, Meteor Shower, Angeline and L'Esprit. Okay, so here is where things went bad. After a day of nail polish shopping I come home to find an e-mail from AA offering free shipping. So of course, I order a few polishes. The next day in one of the FB groups I belong to for nail polish nuts like myself someone posts another AA deal- this time free shipping and 5$ off. Was I supposed to just ignore this?  

OPI - Pirouette My Whistle.  An Amazon purchase and another wish item crossed off the list. 

Sephora by OPI - Come to Papa-razzi. My first SOPI. Went to Sephora looking for something else and came across this pretty shiny. Was on sale for $5. Didn't find what I was looking for but still made out like a bandit, IMO.

Nails, Inc. - Hampstead Gardens. Another wish list item. Went to Sephora looking for it and couldn't find it. Found it on the website for only $5 plus 20% off. It was a nail polish miracle!

A England - Jane Eyre. My first A England. I have been drooling over this for awhile now and in my nail polish buying orgy, bit the bullet. 

HITS - 369. Fuchsia. Glitter. Nuff' said.

Nordstrom Nail Color - Galaxy, Cafe Au Lait and Antique Bronze. Total impulse purchase. Nordstrom has their own brand of polish now. Was buy 2 get one free. 

Cult Nails - Tulum. My first Cult Nails polish! And it was on my wish list, and I got it on sale for $8. 

I also bought some supplies from BornPrettyStore. I needed new dotting tools....and orange sticks...and...all the other stuff I got...

So...yeah. This happened. Next month will be a low-buy. Really, it will.