Artsy Wednesday - Earthquake Mani

Hi all! So were you stumped when you read the title for this post? Because I certainly was when I saw it on the list of challenges for our Artsy Wednesday group. I actually said "What the hell is that?" to be precise. And Google was only marginally helpful. But alas, I stumbled upon the WAH Nails blog and there it was. A really edgy cool design that involves two nail colors and a zig-zag line down the middle to create the "earthquake" effect. 

This was super fun to do! And insanely easy as well. I started with painting one half of my nail with Butter London Slapper. I then painted the other half with HITS 369. Once tacky I then used my LA Colors Art Deco striper in Siver to create the zig zag earthquake effect. 

I am kind of in love with this technique. I feel like you could have so much fun with different color combinations. What do you think? Would you like see more "earthquake" manis here?

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