Artsy Wednesday: Butterfly Nails

It's that time again! It comes around once a week... Wednesday!  I refer to it as Friday Eve Eve. It is also Artsy Wednesday and this week's theme is "butterfly wings". I admit when I first saw this as our challenge for this week, I panicked a little. I have seen so many awesome butterfly wing nails and I had no idea how to actually do them. This is one of those times when YouTube is a dear friend. I watched a few tutorials and was suspicious of how easy it looked.  I was originally just going to do a butterfly wing accent nail but as I started and realized how easy they truly are to do I went pedal to the medal with it!

I decided to do an gradient for this because I wanted it to look more like a real butterfly wing, but mostly because I really wanted to use two of my new American Apparel colors, L'Esprit and Angeline. I started with two coats of L'Esprit which is my new favorite Lavender (sorry Essie Lilac St. Lucia). I then sponged on Angeline. I really wish I was better at gradients. But I'm not. Sometimes it's the simple techniques that elude us. Oh, well. I then used my Claire's nail art striper in black to create the wing outline. I used my dotting tool and American Apparel T-Shirt for the spots.

This was super fun to do and for my first time not too bad- if I say so myself. I didn't trust my left hand to be steady enough to replicate on my right and so I just did and ombre and polka dots. I feel kind of bad when I look at my right hand. Just not as pretty as the left ha!

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