7 Days of McQueen Day 2- Floral Scape Nails

Hi all! It is Day 2 of the challenge and I get to now admit to my obsession. I, ladies and gents am addicted to McQueen clutches. I am obsessed. Now, I don't own any because those bad boys are expensive and I like to eat and have a roof over my head. But if I could afford them? Oh, man.. watch out! I would own them all (insert maniacal laugh here). This particular masterpiece is from the 2013 Resort collection and as soon as I saw it I thought of this challenge. 

Isn't this clutch a stunner? McQueen clutches are like tiny little masterpieces. To recreate this design I started with a base of two coats of Essence Back to Black. I then used my striping brush and Butter London Slapper to draw the vines. I used my dotting tool and American Apparel Angeline for the pink buds and American Apparel T-Shirt and Butter London Bumster for the white flowers and wings. I used a fan nail art brush to recreate the wispy wings. 

I really love the 2013 resort collection and almost chose to do the entire challenge based on designs from it. But there are just too many awesome McQueen designs to limit myself to one collection.