Spoiled Ants In My Pants

Hi lovelies- Happy Friday! This week has been crazy busy and next week will be even busier so I am very much looking forward to the 48 hour interlude that is the weekend. I am actually working on a challenge idea I came up with and will be procuring the necessary items. More info to come soon! Today, I have for you Spoiled Ants In My Pants which I wore earlier this week. I bought this polish back in September and have been meaning to swatch it ever since. Red glitter polishes are some of my faves- I never get tired of them. And the quality varies so I don't feel that I am ever getting the same thing when I buy them.

Ants In My Pants is a sheer black base with large round glitter and small red glitter particles. This polish is very sheer, so I layered it over Revlon Black Lingerie. The formula was disappointing. While I got a ton of glitter on the brush it didn't transfer onto my nails very well. And the wide brush that Spoiled polishes come with actually was more of a hindrance than a help when it came to applying the glitter. I wanted to do two thin coats and wound up with two thick coats. Poopers. I hate it when glitter layers are too thick but I simply couldn't remove enough of the polish from the brush without removing all the glitter as well.

Another thing I noticed is that as I layered the polish over the black the red became muted. So I lost most of the beautiful red shimmer. You could build up opacity with AIMP on it's own, but would need at least four coats to do so. Again, poopers.

This was a miss for me unfortunately. I know a few people who love Spoiled polishes and they do have a great color range, but I was just not impressed by AIMP at all. Maybe I'll try a cream or metallic from the brand so that I can compare a few more formulas before completely writing it off. The odd thing is that Spoiled is created by Wet N' Wild who usually has great formulas. Oh, well.

Spoiled is sold at CVS and retails for $1.99.