Holographic Dots

Happy Tuesday, Thursday all! Is everyone else as thrown off by the holiday as I am? It feels like the week has just started. I've been feeling very "holographic" lately and realized I haven't worn one in a good long while. But I wasn't in the mood to paint all of my nails one holo shade, so I decided to go for dots. Dots are like red lipstick, they simply never get old or go out of style.

I used two coats of Essence Black is Back as my base. Then using the end of one of my nail art brushes I added the dots using Butter London Trustafarian. I own dotting tools but I find that when I want the dots to be larger the end of my nail art brush works better. You can really use anything with a round end to create dots; Hair pins, pen tops, or even Q-Tips (just be careful for cotton fuzz) work as well. I added a coat of SV for shine.