Gold and Nude Skittles

Hi all! It feels like I haven't posted in forever but it's only been since Friday. I have to admit that when I don't post on an almost daily basis I suffer from a bit of blog withdrawal. I even did my nails over the weekend and didn't post - which is rare for me. Today I am making up for my mini-absence with a pretty skittle mani. This design is my entry in Marta at ChitChat Nails' Skittlette Contest. Marta is know for her awesome skittle designs and so I was pretty pumped to enter this contest. 

This design took longer than I would have liked but it was due mostly to the fact that I had a very loose idea of what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to use gold, nude and bronze and probably rhinestones but that's about it. The design turned out prettier than I had actually pictured it which is awesome. My only gripe is my camera. I am SO over it. I ordered a new one and hopefully it will be here by next week. The pictures do not do this mani justice and I'm miffed about it. Outdoor lighting would have been better but sunny days in Chicago in December are like Unicorns. Rarely seen.

For this design I used OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons on my thumb, index and pinky. I used China Glaze Nude on my middle finger and Essie Good as Gold on my ring finger. I then layered my thumb and pinky with Revlon Sequins.I used Good as Gold and BM Plate 01 for the design on my index finger. On my middle finger I used bronze rhinestones, and on the ring finger I used gold microbeads.