Cirque French Roast

Hi all. Today I have a polish that has lingered on my wish list for months. I finally decided to stop drooling over Cirque French Roast online and buy it. I always worry that a polish I have been obsessing over won't live up to my expectations, and I have had some disappointments. French Roast was not one of them. I am seriously in love with this polish!

French Roast is a gorgeous ultra fine bronze glitter with bits of copper and gold throughout. I was really impressed with the opacity of French Roast. It starts off semi-sheer with the first coat but is completely opaque by the second coat. Once dry it has a gritty and bumpy texture and is an extremely thirsty glitter. I used one coat of SV followed by a thick coat of clear and then another coat of SV for shine and to smooth.  A special bonus: all Cirque polishes have organic lavender and clary sage essential oils so your nails have a yummy smell once the polish dries!

French Roast is part of the Dark Horse Collection and is sold on the Cirque website and retails for $13. All Cirque polishes are hand-mixed and 3-Free.