Christian Dior Stripes: As seen on The Nailasaurus

Hi all! Most of us in the nail blogosphere have others bloggers we look up to or who have inspired us with their mad skills. For me one of those bloggers is Sammy at The Nailasaurus. She is one of the very first nail blogs I started reading and I look forward to her posts every week. A few weeks ago she did an awesome design for her second 31 Day Challenge that was inspired by a Christian Dior dress. It was so popular that she posted a tutorial. Which I promptly gobbled up and copied.

I started with one coat of Essie Protein Base Coat. Sammy started with bare nails and you can do the same if you decide to try this out. I then added strips of striping tape in various widths (like the tutorial, I used two pieces to create the wider lines). I then added two thin coats of Maybelline Color Show Twilight Rays. I then removed the striping tape and added a coat of SV. 

This design was fairly easy and I would love to try it again with  brighter colors for summer. 

I love nail tutorials. They give me the opportunity to improve my skills and tryy some of my favorite designs from my favorite bloggers.

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