November Haul Roundup

Happy Friday all! So last month I was on a fiscally necessary no-buy and I had (kinda) intended to try and extend that into November. Total bust! But I picked up some very, very purty colors and I don't regret buying any of them. Below are some pics for your viewing pleasure. I apologize in advance for the quality- I took these with my iPhone while running out the door.

Savina Purple Pansy and You're My Sunshine. Got these for $4 each at Nordstrom Rack.
My first bottles of Essence. Got these at Ulta- love that these are only $1.99 each!
I fought this one as long as I could but it kept calling to me. It is a Limited Edition color- which was my justification for buying it. My only real "spurge" of the month. Totally don't regret it.
China Glaze Angel Wings and Champagne Kisses. Got these at  one of the local wholesale nail supply shop for $3 each. Ha! Bragging is wrong, I know. But seriously- $3!
I then went back a week later and got this gem for the same price. China Glaze It's A Trap-eze. My new favorite glitter polish.
OPI The Living Daylights. This color and me have a long and tortured history. I literally picked it up about 5 times on five separate occasions and just couldn't pull the trigger. But then I came across it at the other nail supply shop I go to for only $6. And so it came home with me.
And last but not least this month's ultimate splurge. The NYX Holiday Mini Collection Living In A Dream. 18 bottles of fun colorful nail candy!

So, the verdict: Not bad. But still not a no-buy. I would say I will try to do better next month but...who am I kidding?