China Glaze Holiday 2012 Glitters

Hi all! Earlier this month I stopped by my local wholesale nail supply shop and picked up two of the China Glaze Holiday Collection Colors, Angel Wings and Champagne Kisses. The collection is very pretty but they were the only two colors I felt compelled to actually buy. I am a sucker for China Glaze glitters, what can I say.

First up is Angel Wings, a beautiful golden glitter with bits of silver holo glitter mixed throughout. This is my favorite of the entire collection. It is dense but took three thin coats for full coverage. This glitter dried very gritty and matte and ate top coat like crazy. I used two coats of top coat for the pics above. 

Next is Champagne Kisses, a peachy gold glitter with silver holo glitter. This was just as dense as Angel Kisses but more opaque; I only needed two coats for full opacity. Curiously this wasn't as much of a top coat eater as Angel Kisses is. It didn't dry completely matte either which is rare for a China Glaze glitter.