Black and White Skittles

Happy Friday everybody! I am very excited for the weekend. Do I have fun plans for the weekend? Nope. But I am perfectly content sitting at home watching HGTV all weekend so I'm stoked. Lately, I've been feeling the need to scratch  manis off my "to try" list. I've now done my first Spun Sugar design and now I am on to the skittle. A skittle mani usually consists of a bunch of different colors, but I wanted to do something a bit different. I opted to use black and white and do different designs on each nail.

The colors used for this mani were OPI Black Onyx, American Apparel T-Shirt and OPI Shatter in Black. . For the index finger I used the large end of my dotting tool. For my middle finger (I have fallen in love with the spun sugar mani and so of course I had to one) I used the same dotting tool to create the "spun sugar" effect. For my forefinger I used my striping tape to create the design. I left my pinky plain. For my thumb...I had to. I just had to. The crackle was just sitting there on my table; left out from my Artsy Wednesday nail design. Is it possible to be obsessed with something you're sure you don't like? Because I think I am obsessed with my crackle polish. I keep coming up with great ideas on how to use it. And I own 3 bottles in different colors. This could be bad.

On another more serious note: Yesterday was anti-bullying day with the nail blogging community. Loads of bloggers posted purple manis in solidarity with the nail blogging movement NoH8. It deals specifically with hatefulness within the nail blogging community. How ironic (or sad) that on that day I experienced my first bit of cyber-bullying. I posted yesterday's blog post pic on Pinterest. Where I received a mean little comment on my pin telling me how ugly my mani was. I also had my picture pinned to a Board called "Things I Don't Dig". Did this hurt my feelings? Not really. More than anything it just made me bewildered and angry. Bewildered at the fact that someone would even feel the need to type a comment like that or create a board dedicated to being mean, and angry that they had the audacity do it. If you don't like something I've done that's fine. I don't expect everyone to like my nail designs. But to take the time to be mean just for the sake of it? What purpose does that serve? Does it make these people feel better about themselves? 

  I have felt lately that we as a society are getting meaner. We say things via the internet because we think it exists in a vacuum and doesn't count. But it does. It says a lot about a person's character to do something like that. I think no matter that it takes a lot of courage to create something and then post it on the internet to be looked at, scrutinized and remarked upon. As a young girl I was bullied consistently throughout my grade school years and can spot a bully a mile away. We moved a lot and I was always the "new kid". I was also quiet and shy and eager to make friends- this was often seen as weakness by bullies. One thing being bullied taught me is to never be afraid to stand up for myself. So to those anonymous cyber-"haters" out there I say this: You are cowards. You won't get me down or make me stop doing what I love. Plain and simple.