Artsy Wednesday: Needle Drag Mani

Hi all! All of us nail art "practioners" have techniques we all dread. For some it is tribal print, others the water marble. For me- it is the needle drag. Seriously. I actually groaned when I saw that it was this week's Artsy Wednesday challenge. The YouTube videos make it look so easy and fun;people making flowers and pretty abstract designs. Plus, I didn't want to take off my much-beloved Betsey Johnson roses. But I psyched myself up for it and sat down with a go-getter spirit. Which was quickly extinguished by my sobs of frustration. After a false start with one idea, scrapped it and started over with one I had tested over the weekend and that had come out marginally good. 

I started with two coats of China Gaze Exotic Encounters which is my favorite teal. While it was still wet I added three drops of China Glaze Deviantly Daring. I then used a sewing needle to drag the polish around and create a swirled pattern. Not my best work, but the effect is subtle and pretty. Mostly I'm just glad that I'm not screaming in horror when I look at it-ha! This technique definitely lives up to it's name. It's a drag.

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