Artsy Wednesday: Crackle Nails

Happy happy hump day lovelies!! Today is Artsy Wednesday and our theme for this week is crackle. Now, I haven't used a crackle polish in well over a year. I literally had to dig through my polish stash and blow the dust off my bottle of OPI Shatter. I, like everyone at the time was obsessed with crackle polish when it first came out. I ogled it on others and thought it was so cool. Until I actually tried it on my own nails- and hated it. Seriously. Hated. It. And so the bottle was pushed to the back of my nail drawer never to be heard from again. I was not looking forward to this particular challenge but I surprised myself. I actually managed to come up with a crackle mani that not only do I not loathe but actually love. Go figure.

I started with two coats of Butter London Primrose Hill Picnic. I borrowed this polish from a friend and I am seriously in love. I will have to feature it as the main star in a design before I have to return it to it's rightful owner. I then used a thick coat of OPI Shatter in Black. Once this was completely dry- which didn't take long since crackle tend to dry pretty quickly. I used American Apparel White T-Shirt and BM plate 02 fro the star design. Over the crackle the stamping came out looking pretty faded and distressed which I love. It reminds me of old graffiti.

You may notice that my nails are significantly shorter. This was due to not one but two nail breaks over the last week. My hands got quite a beating due to all of the decorating and running around I did for my company's Halloween party. I just chopped them all off because I didn't see the point in trying to salvage the two broken nails. I've had long nails pretty much since I was able to start wearing nail polish and this is the shortest my nails have ever been. I love nubbins on others but didn't think they would look that great on me. But I like them. It certainly makes moving around easier- I'm not worried about breaking a nail on a door knob or picking up a box (which is how the first nail broke). 

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