Swatch It Saturday: Essie Good As Gold

Hi! Today I have Essie Good As Gold from the Mirror Metallics Collection. I have seen this color all over the blogosphere and kept drooling over it and reading awesome things about it so I finally bit the bullet and bought it. 

The formula of this polish is a little tricky. It's not thin or thick on the brush, but has a tendency to thicken once on your nail. I would advise to wait for each coat to dry completely before applying the next since it has a tendency to drag and ruin the coat beneath. I figured this out after the second nail and after that it was smooth sailing. As you can see it truly is like gold foil- which I love. And it has minimal visible brush strokes. This was my first time I applying to my entire nail so you could get no brush strokes at all with practice. 

Overall, I think this is a great gold to have in your stash- it's certainly the best I've come across. Essie retails for $8 and can be found at Ulta, Nordstrom and most major drusgstore chains.