Gold Glitter Laser Stripes

Happy Friday lovelies! Is everyone as excited for the weekend as I am? I have a baby shower this weekend and was originally going to go on a Zombie Safari Hay Ride- that's right a Zombie hay ride. You are given paint ball guns and you get to shoot at zombies- how fun does that sound? Alas, I am unable to go which I am really bummed about, but oh, well. Maybe next year. 

Today I have for you a design I did using my striping tape. I have a love/hate relationship with striping tape. I love the results- I hate the process. Luckily this time went surprisingly smoothly for me. Especially considering that I have used striping tape in a good long while. 

For this design I used two coats of Butter London West End Wonderland. I got this polish during that amazing sale Coterie was having on Butter Londons and this was my first time using it. I was originally pretty "meh" about it but I fell in love with it when I put it on. It has great coverage for a glitter polish with a sheer base. With two coats I got really great coverage with minimal VNL. If you wanted complete opaques you would need 3 coats. 

After WEW was completely dry I added my pieces of striping tape in various patterns (I do only one or two nails at time; it's much easier that way) and painted on two coats of American Apparel Port. Yet another color in my stash that is neglected. I am seriously thinking of only using untrieds and underused polishes for awhile. I tend to have favorite polishes that I reach for again and again and get stuck in a rut. Once the polish was not completely wet or dry- a little tacky to the touch, I removed the strips. I then used Seche Vite for shine. 

I really like the way this design came out- and I love the color combination. What do you think?