Halloween Nails - Bloody Drips

Hi lovelies! So, I promised that I would bust out a few Halloween-themed manis and I am a woman of my word. Drip manis have been everywhere lately - I did my first a few weeks ago and wanted to try another one.

For this design I used American Apparel California Trooper and Port. I created the drips using a dotting tool and simply "dripping" the polish onto the tips of my nails. The finish is a bit thick but I like the shapes of the drips. They don't look too "drawn" and more organic. I decided to throw in pics of both hands today. I actually like the way my right hand came out better than my left- which is pretty funny to me since I am right handed and my left hand always looks a hundred times better- ha!

Left hand...

...and right hand.

 I am only half satisfied with how these turned out but that seems to be the case with half of the designs I do lately. I go through phases of not liking what I come up. Apparently I am in one of those phases-oh, well... I will let you lovelies be the judges of today's design!