LDTTWC Day Two - It's Vintage, Darling...

Happy Humpty Hump Day all! Have you ever had so many ideas for a design that it was basically like having no idea at all? This was my plight when I sat down to do this mani. On top of that I knew I couldn't do anything too bold since we are having a Board meeting at my job today. So I decided to keep it simple. I knew I wanted to do something that was an homage to 1920's flapper style.  I've always thought half moon manis looked really feminine and retro. If you've never heard of a half moon it is basically a reverse french manicure. 

I started off with a base coat of Wet N' Wild Fergie Collection Grammy Gold I then cut a binder reinforcer in half and used that as my guide. You can use also regular tape or if you have steady hands you can freehand it; my hands aren't steady enough for that! For the top layer I used China Glaze Lubu Heels. Lubu Heels is one of my all-time favorite polishes. It is a gorgeous black jelly with small red glitter particles that light up when the light hits the nail. Really sultry! I wish I could have captured this better but I have a crappy camera at the moment.
I feel like I could picture a little waif flapper girl with a Louise Brooks hairstyle and long strands of pearls wearing this. She'd be dancing the Charleston and drinking a dirty martini, of course!
And if you didn't understand my Louise Brooks reference here she is...
Darling, isn't she just divine?