LDTTWC Day 6 - They Just Don't Make Em' Like They Used To!

Hi all! Today is the sixth day of the challenge. We had to choose a classic toy or game. I vacillated between some pretty awesome retro toys but the one I chose to do is the Magic 8 Ball! I have always loved the Magic 8 Ball. We never had one when I was little but I used to love to visit Toys R' Us and my cousins because they had it. I would literally stand in the aisle at the toy store and shake the crap out of the thing. Of course, my questions all revolved around whatever boy I was obsessed with at the time. I took those answers seriously too! I  would be devastated whenever I got an "undecided" or "ask later". I still wish I had one. Of course, I know it is a toy and the answers are for the most pre-determined but there is something comforting about feeling like your questions are answered however silly the questions may be. We adults know this is a rare thing. Perhaps that's why the popularity and love of the Magic 8 Ball endures. 

I started with two coats of OPI Black Onyx, which is my current go to black polish. For the magic 8 Ball I used Claire's Dual Tipped Nail Art Brushes in White and Black. For the blue triangles I used Ulta Blue Streak and my Claire's Nail Art Brush in White. I am still learning how to write words on my nails and not have them turn out like a five year-old wrote them. My "No" came out nicely but my "Yes" is pretty wonky.

So, what do you think? Does this remind you of the 8 Ball? What is your favorite classic toy?