Chalkboard Nails Nail Art Contest: Cool or Warm

Happy Friday lacquered lovelies! Today I have a design that I am entering in Chalkboards Nails' Cool or Warm Nail Art Contest. Sarah at Chalkboard Nails is one of my lacquer girl crushes. She does amazing nail art and I'm a total fangirl for her.The rules of the contest are that you have to pick a color family: cool or warm and use only colors from your choice.  I have chosen Cool for my entry. You can only use nail polish for the entire design- no acrylic paint, stamping or decals. The design I came up with just kind of popped into my head so there isn't a real inspiration; it's more of a freestyle. The design reminds me a bit of being under water so I have decided to call it "Under the Sea".  I have to say that this is one of those rare times where a design has turned out exactly how I pictured it. 

For the base color I used two coats of Sations Midnight Blue. I then took my  Claire's dual nail art pen in White and using the striping brush end, freehanded the white tendrils. For the silver tendrils I used Wet N' Wild Metallica and my medium striping brush. The dots were done with the small end of my dotting tool and Metallica and Wet N' Wild White French Creme. I then used a thin layer of Wet N' Wild Kaleidoscope over the entire nail. 
As you can see I used my left hand with it's nubbin nail for these photos. The left hand was just so pretty I had to take pictures of it. My dominant right hand did an awesome job on it - ha!