Wet N' Wild Fergie Collection - Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night and Grammy Gold

Happy Saturday! Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? Here in Chicago it's Lollapalooza weekend. I always say I'm going to buy tickets but I just never do. Instead I will be running errands and swatching. I know, I live such a glamorous life. You're so jelly.
      Today I have two polishes from the new Wet N' Wild Fergie Collection. I picked these up at Walgreens yesterday and was really excited to try them out. I am obsessed with black glitter so when I saw Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night I had to have it. It is a clear jelly polish with small black glitter and round gold glitter. This polish was a pain to apply. This collection has wider brushes (similar to the ones in the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure bottles), which is great for pigmented polish but is annoying for glitter. I wanted to lightly apply the black glitter and while there is a ton of the gold glitter hardly any made it onto my nail. I went fishing for some but they kept getting lost in the bristles of the brush. I layered TGBN over Grammy Gold, a really pretty foil-type gold metallic polish. Again, the wider brush proved to be more of a hindrance than a help. While I could cover my nail with basically one full stroke the brush created noticeable strokes in the polish. But I don't own a gold like this one so I will probably use it again- it would be perfect for stamping I think. Overall I'm not overly impressed by the formulas on these polishes. Also at $3.99 a bottle they are almost double the price of the rest of the Wet N' Wild lines. I think you are paying more for the name attached to this collection. That and the fancy bottles. Which I admit are pretty cool.