Swatch It Saturday! American Apparel Part 1 The Neutrals

Hi all and welcome to the inaugural Swatch It Saturday. I have so many colors that I have yet to swatch that I've decided to do a swatch post every Saturday from now on. Some of the colors will be new buys and some will simply be untrieds that have languished in my stash. As I mentioned a few posts ago I recently had a huge haul at American Apparel. I have split the swatches into two categories: neutrals and brights. Today I bring you the neutrals!

California Trooper is my favorite of the neutrals. It is a light creamy putty color. The formula is awesome. No streaks or dragging and is fully opaque in two coats.

Factory Gray is a medium-toned gray with a lavender undertone. The formula is so-so. It goes on very sheer and streaky with the first coat. Two coats does even it out a bit.

T-Shirt is a bright white cream. I love white polish and though this formula was a bit tricky (think Essie Marshmallow) I love the way it looks on my hand. This is two generous coats.

 Mouse is a pretty light tawny brown cream, and my second favorite color of this bunch. Great formula; is  opaque with one coat. For the photo above I used two. You may notice that I used a different hand for the other photos. This is what happened shortly after the above photo was taken:

Yup! That's right- the break heard around the world. Or at least my apartment. The freaky thing is that I don't quite know how it happened. I didn't bang or slam or run into anything. I briefly entertained the idea of doing the tea bag method and save the nail but I didn't want to have to re-do it every time I did my nails. It just didn't seem worth it. So, I bit the bullet and cut the nail down. So, my left hand (which is my usual swatching hand since I am right handed) is out of commission until the nail grows back. I am looking at the bright side and viewing this as an opportunity to get better at using my left hand to take pictures. You gotta accentuate the positive!

American Apparel polish is available on their website and in stores and retails for $6. Unfortunately California Trooper is one of the colors they have discontinued, but you may be able to still find it in stores for only $3, which is how where I found it.