Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Red Carpet - ABC Challenge "X"

We are entering the home stretch of the ABC Challenge. I've been dreading the letter "X". I mean, how many polishes start with the letter X, right? There are a few - I Googled. I just don't own any of them and couldn't get my hand on any of the ones I found. I was beginning to get a bit anxious when the light bulb went off: Sally Hansen X-treme Wear! And then I immediately felt really dumb for not thinking of it sooner. I only owned one bottle of X-treme Wear and that was White Out, which I use for stamping. I didn't want to swatch white because, how boring is that? So I took a little trip to the local Walgreens and picked up this gem. That's right- I actually bought a bottle of polish for this letter! Not that I ever need an excuse to buy polish but I figured this was a really good one. Red Carpet is a gorgeous red cream with red glitter. I love red glitters. They are double the drama. And I am a sucker for a dramatic nail colors. This color goes on semi-sheer with the first and I wanted to make sure that I captured how sparkly this polish is, so I layered it over white polish. I have never done this before - it really works. Sparkle city! The photos below are two coats of Red Carpet with top coat. Check out the links below to see what the other ladies came up with for the letter X!