OPI Nothin' Mousie Bout' It - ABC Challenge "N"

Happy Hump Day! I realized while I was doing my nails last night that I would be doing pink nails on Pink Wednesday. I normally don't do Pink Wednesdays so today you have a two-fer! I wanted this polish from the moment I saw it. I mean, pink hearts? How could you not want that, right? But for some odd reason it eluded me. Until... a polish fairy (by the name of Joy at Drugstore Junkie) came to my rescue and pointed me in the right direction and my lemming arrived on my doorstep Friday. Nothin' Mousie Bout' It is from the OPI limited edition Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection. It is a jelly polish with light pink shimmer and light pink  hearts. Adorbs! I couldn't decide what I wanted to layer this over so I decided to have the best of both worlds and go with both choices. For the light pink I used OPI Pink Pandemonium; for the dark pink I used OPI La-Paz-itively Hot. I have to say that NMBI was harder to work with that I thought it would be. There are tons of hearts in the bottle but I found myself fishing for them when applying the polish. Also the formula is a tad thick so I had a hard time getting a smooth layer and arranging the hearts at the same time. And the manipulation of the jelly created a few air bubbles (which drive me insane!) on my pinky finger (see pics for a glimpse at the sad state of said pinky). Bummer city! Overall, it's still a fun polish that I am glad to have added to my collection. I wish OPI did more fun polishes like this.