Illamasqua Rare - ABC Challenge "Y" is for Yellow

Happy Hump Day all! Only two letters left in the ABC Challenge. Today is the letter Y. I knew that I wanted to do yellow for the letter Y for awhile. I love yellow polish and I own three different shades; picking one was hard since they are all so different. I decided to go with Illamasqua Rare which is a neon (I jokingly call it nuclear neon because it's crazy bright). I wanted to pair it with black, but didn't want to run the risk of looking too much like a bumble bee, so I decided to do black tips. First I applied two coats of Rare and a coat of Poshe top coat. Once my nails were fully dry, I used scotch tape to tape off the tips of my nails on a diagonal. I painted the tips with Orly Liquid Vinyl. I finished with another coat of Poshe. Tape manis are awesome. There are so many options and things to do with tape to give your nails visual interest. It's quick and relatively easy too, which is nice.