Have a Cupcake, Cupcake! Favorite Things Challenge Favorite Food

Okay I will admit that this particular challenge gave me anxiety. I knew immediately that I wanted to do a cupcake. Cupcakes just make me happy. It's hard to not feel good after eating one. They are small, yummy and adorable. The thing is I suck at drawing. I can doodle with the best of them but drawing representations of real things? Nope, not so much. But I did it. I drew a cupcake! And it even looks like a cupcake!  I opted not to send myself into a tailspin and drew one only on my middle finger. I have learned that when it comes to trying new things with my nails my sense of sanity is better preserved when I don't bite off more than I can chew. For the  "cupcake" finger I painted my nails with three thin coats of China Glaze Nude. Then, using the brush end of my nail art pen I painted the edges of the cupcake paper. I used my white nail art pen to draw the frosting and fill in the cupcake paper. Once this was dry I filled in the cupcake paper in Essie Mint Candy Apple. For the "sprinkles" I dotted the frosting with Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air. For my other fingers I painted them with two coats of Orly Decades of Dysfunction and one coat of Glitter in the Air. This was my first time using GITA and though I love the look of it, it was harder to get the glitter on my nails than I would have liked. It required some manipulation to get any of the larger glitter bits onto my nails.