Essie Mint Candy Apple - ABC Challenge "M"

M is for Monday! Don't hold back- you know it's your favorite day of the week. Okay, probably not. I for one find myself humming "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats as I walk to the train on Monday mornings. So to lift your spirits- and mind- I shall dazzle thee with nail polish. I chose Mint Candy Apple for the letter "M" in the ABC Nail Challenge. This color has been swatched on blogs probably more than any other Essie nail color and there is a very good reason for this. And that is simply- IT ROCKS. It is a beautiful pastel green cream that makes me think of cupcakes, lollipops and Coney Island (and unicorns and rainbows!) for some strange reason. But I didn't want to just do a plain ole' swatch so I decided to do a two-fer and work on my stamping skills as well. I used BM plate 14 for the rose design. This was super easy and I am happy to report that I didn't break out in a sweat from anxiety while doing it. I then topped with a coat of SV. You may also notice that my nails are a tad shorter in the pics. My nails grow super long, but every now and then I like to take some of the length off. I feel like it keeps the nail healthy (which could just be my own made-up theory) similar to a hair trim. I actually prefer this length. They are long enough to make me happy but not long enough to take an eye out. Be sure to check out the other "M" nails in the links below!