Butter London 2012 Fall Collection - Trustafarian

Hi all! I have a fantastic swatch to show you today. Buckets upon buckets of awesomeness is what I call this color. Butter London calls it Trustafarian- which, come on. That's an awesome name. Now that I've hit my quota for the word awesome let's talk about the polish. Trustafarian is from the 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection. It is probably the most unique holo I have ever seen. It's a light yellow-green with flashes of pink and silver when it hits light.  I wanted this color the moment I saw it online and it is even more stunning in person. I have literally spent the last ten minutes staring at it in various lighting and squealing in utter joy. This is one of two holos (the other, Dodgy Barnett I will be swatching as well soon so stay tuned!) in the collection and I believe the first holos that BL has ever done. I will say that the formula is pretty sheer so I wound up doing four thin coats to get the desired opacity. I then topped with SV for shine. Now on to the pics. And remember - no drooling! Oh- go ahead. Drool away.

Butter London retails for $14 and can be found at Ulta, Nordstrom and the Butter London website.