Burberry Stripes - Favorite Things Challenge "Stripes"

This was another toughie for me. I really love stripes. Really. I own about ten shirts with various types of stripes. In fact, I'm wearing one right now. So, yeah... 

     For this challenge I decided to do something iconic and immediately recognizable from a design house I love. Burberry. I really wish I could afford the amazing clothing that Burberry makes. They are known best for their trench coats with the signature lining, but their womenswear is amazing. Everything is so luxurious and plush and makes me want to walk around doing my Victoria Beckham impression (you know, the "too fabulous to smile" face). This is an intricate but surprisingly simple design. I don't have the steadiest of hands and though my lines didn't come out as perfectly as I would have liked they don't resemble a Rorshach test picture, so - silver lining! Doing this design has made me realize why so many bloggers use acrylic paint for their more detailed designs. I used nail polish for this entire look and it was a pain! Listed below are all the colors and tools I used for this design.

Base Coat  - Orly Bonder
Base color - American Apparel Mouse
White Stripes (haha- get it?) - Claire's Nail Art Pen (striping brush end)
Black Stripes - Claire's Nail Art Pen (striping brush end)
Burgundy Stripes - American Apparel Port (with nail art brush)
Top Coat- Poshe Speed Dry Top Coat