Bonus Post- Tuesday Haul!

Hi all! I have a bonus post today for you all. I just got back from the wholesale nail supply shop in my neighborhood. I went there merely to buy more acetone (I am typing this with a straight face, thank you very much) but walked out with six bottles of polish - and a bottle of acetone. The prices are so good that I couldn't pass them up. Plus, I've been coveting a color from Nars Night Collection called Night Breed and I think I found a perfect dupe. So really I saved money tonight. Don't you love my sense of logic? Here are some quick - and slightly blurry - shots for you.

I this pic (from left to right): China Glaze Swanky Silk, Deviantly Daring, Exotic Encounters
In this pic (from left to right): Color Club Backstage Pass, China Glaze, Classic Camel, Haunting
Swanky Silk
Exotic Encounters
Classic Camel
Haunting. My possible Nars Night Breed dupe!
Deviantly Daring
Backstage Pass