August Haul Roundup

Baby did a bad, bad thing. I bought entirely too much nail polish this month. I totally don't regret it, though. Listed below is my semi-epic August haul. In my defense I will say this: I do not believe in paying retail price for pretty much anything if I can help it and that includes nail polish. I love bargain-hunting and I shop around for great deals on sites like eBay, Copious and Amazon. I am also a firm believer in the coupon. So though my list of goodies may be long I did not spend a ton of money on them.

eBay purchases. Yes, I am an eBay person. Got each of these for under $8.
Nails, Inc - Kensington
Deborah Lippmann - Glitter in the Air
Nars- Desperado

Copious. I have found a new obsession. Got the below polish with a coupon and only paid 9 cents!
Nails, Inc - Gatwick

American Apparel was having an in-store sale on a lot of their polishes. Most of these I got for only $1-3 and the others I got online and used a coupon I had.
American Apparel- Lopez Canyon
American Apparel-  Hunter
American Apparel - Mouse (x2- I ordered one online and then found the other on sale for only $1! So, of course I bought it)
American Apparel - MacArthur Park
American Apparel - T-Shirt
American Apparel - Port
American Apparel - Factory Gray
American Apparel - California Trooper

Amazon. $5 and free shipping.
Poshe Speed Dry Top Coat

Picked up some colors from Sally's that were on clearance- and I had a coupon. Have I mentioned how much I love coupons?
Orly - Decades of Dysfunction
China Glaze - Agro

Some minis from Etsy. All under $5.
Vivid Lacquer - Daisy
Lacquer Convention - Polka Dots & Moonbeams
Lacquer Convention - Mondrian

And my only expensive purchases of the month.
Butter London- Trustafarian
Butter London - Dodgy Barnett
Butter London- Victoriana

So yes, a pretty long list. But- not too shabby in the savings department. Some of these I have already swatched, the others I will be swatching over the next few weeks.