Adventures in Stamping - Cats and Fish Bones

Happy Sunday polish lovers! I am participating in my first challenge in the Adventures in Stamping group today. The group votes on a Sunday stamping challenge every week and this week's winner was to use 2 different stamp designs. I was overwhelmed by choice on this one. I have new BM plates and have only used a few of them so I had a ton of designs to choose from. I chose to do something fun and that was a homage to the two fur babies in my life. My two cats, Finn and Declan are the other topic I talk about incessantly other than nail polish. BM plate 4 has an adorable cat stamp and an equally adorbs fish bone stamp. Cats and fish bones=stamping synergy!  I love the aesthetic of tans and beiges with black and wanted the designs to be the  stars rather than the base color. For the base I used Essie Glamour Purse and for the stamp designs Orly Liquid Vinyl. My left hand definitely looks better than my right. I am right-handed and still learning the skill of stamping with my non-dominant hand. And I made the mistake of being impatient and adding my top coat on my left ring finger before the design was completely dry so there is a little smudging that you can see in the pics. Besides that minor snafu I am pretty happy with how the design turned out.

My inspiration. Declan is on the left and Finn is to the right. This was during their morning lay-about.