ABC Nail Challenge Q and My Favorite Things Challenge One

Hi all! So because I love challenges and because I am a crazy person I joined Kelly at Ooh La La Polish's new challenge, "My Favorite Things". Two challenges at the same time? Yes. I am insane. I decided to combine this new challenge this week with my Letter "Q" for the ABC Nail Challenge. This was a tough one. I don't own any polishes that start with the letter Q, go figure. So I decided to get creative and came upon great inspiration. Quartz- as in Black Quartz. I saw the stuff online and it is absolutely gorgeous. And I immediately thought of three or four polishes that would work. You see, I have a problem. Besides being a complete nail polish addict I have an addiction within that addiction. And that is that I love black polish with glitter. Seriously. Any black polish with a bit of sparkle to it and I must have it. They are just so pretty! Like the night sky on a starry night...sigh... This brings me to the first challenge in my favorite things. My favorite color. And despite my love for color and all it's glory and wonder black polish is my favorite. It can be classy, bad ass, and mysterious all at once. There are very few colors that can bring the drama like a good black can. Vampy reds are a close second.


To mimic the quartz I started off with China Glaze Smoke & Ashes on my pinky, forefinger and thumb. Then with a makeup sponge I sponged on Savina Fairy dust at the top of the pinky and the thumb at the bottom of the nail on my forefinger. On the other two fingers I used China Glaze Haunting. S&A and Haunting are both vampy blacks with glitter but they are so different. Haunting is a nearly dead-on dupe for Nars Night Breed with tons of silver glitter  and S&A has the tiniest hint of blue to it and a more subtle glitter. So gorgeous. I'm kind of in love with how this turned out. Okay, I'm a lot in love with how this turned out.  Click on the links below to see what everyone has come up with for both challenges!

My inspiration.