ABC Nail Challenge - Letters "O" and "P"

TGIF. I have been nursing a nasty summer cold that up until yesterday, when it knocked me on my butt and forced me to stay home in bed, I was referring to as "allergies". Nope just a good old run of the mill cold. So I apologize for not posting yesterday; I basically spent all day in bed watching old Supernatural reruns on TV. Once again I have a two-fer for you. I combined letters "O" and "P". For O I used Lacquer Convention Observatory. Observatory is a gorgeous black jelly with tiny pink, blue, purple and silver glitter. It resembles the night sky (hence the name). For P, I went with a light "Pink" holo, Catherine Arley #670. I have to say I was still a little out of it when I did this mani last night and I am not completely happy with how it turned out. I wanted to do something a bit more complicated but just didn't have the energy. Oh, well, what can you do, right? To create the triangle shapes on the nail I cut out a small triangle shaped piece of tape. I used the actual small triangle to paint my middle finger and the piece of tape with the negative space on my ring finger. I then painted my thumb and pinky with Observatory and my index with the pink holo. If you're interested in seeing other swatches for both polishes I did one for both here and here. Click on the links below to see what the other ladies came up with for O and P!