NOTD: Mondrian Print

It's Friday! It's Friday! Let's do the happy dance! I actually have a dance that I used to do every time I went on vacation or at the end of the week. It involved jazz hands. I am thinking of reviving it and adding some extra foot work. Perhaps write a ditty for it too. But nothing too annoying a'la Rebecca Black.

 I am really excited for today's post! This idea came to me randomly while I was half asleep. Yes, that is right. I dream of manicures. But I feel like this is a supportive environment where I can freely admit something like that. Today's design is actually based on the work of artist Piet Mondrian. You probably have seen his work many times and it is the inspiration for a lot of fashion designers. He is best known for his cubist work of white canvases with black lines and sparse boxes of red, yellow, black or blue. I have always loved his work and while waking up one morning it just popped into my head- this would make a perfect nail design! This post is a bit picture heavy because I was just so happy with how it turned out. 

For this design I used black striping tape to create the black lines after painting my nails with Sally Hansen White Out (I applied a top coat of SV to speed up the drying process). Once the tape was applied in the desired pattern (I basically did a bunch of different versions of the paintings on each nail) I used Revlon Black Lingerie, Sations Midnight Blue, Essie Fifth Avenue and Illamasqua Rare for the colored boxes. I then topped the nails with two coats of SV for shine and to make sure the striping tape was secure.

My inspiration.
A dress inspired by Mondrian.