Nails, Inc. Sprinkles Collection Sweets Way

Okay, so a few posts ago I talked about how I had been spending far too much lately on nail polish and my wallet was suffering for it. I then imposed a moratorium on buying any new polish for awhile. Well, I am happy to report that said moratorium lasted a whole two weeks. Yup, that's right fourteen whole days. What happened, you ask? Nails, Inc new Sprinkles Collection is what happened. I made the mistake of going to lunch with a dear friend who also happens to be a nail polish addict and she showed me a few pics on her phone. I thought, "Oh, those are pretty". And didn't think of it again. Until...I saw it on another blog. Up close. On a wide computer monitor screen. The glitter, the colors...oh, my. What was I to do? Ignore the awesomeness and pretend I had never seen it? Impossible. You can't "unsee" awesomeness. So what did I do when said friend offered to pick me up a bottle at her local Sephora? I said "Sure." But- I did limit myself to just one bottle. It was a tough choice Sweets Way won the day. Sweets Way is an adorbs pastel glitter in a pale milky white base. It literally looks like I dipped my hands in frosting with sprinkles on top! The photos below are with three coats. This polish covers pretty well and I could have gotten away with just two.