Chevron Neon French Tip Mani

So, I've been attempting to use all the colors I have in my collection in lieu of buying more polish. I have been on a bit of a spending spree lately and need to tighten the purse strings. It's so hard though! I have a serious nail polish problem- anytime I walk into a store that I know sells any kind of nail enamel it is hard for me to avoid it let alone not buy anything. Tuesday, while going through my stash looking for inspiration I came across a color that I was pretty "Meh" about when I first tried it: China Glaze Nude. It was a boring plain nude that I bought more as a" maybe one day I'll need it" purchase. Well that instinct was right. I don't know why I don't use this color more often- it is the perfect base! I used it for yesterday's framed mani and decided to use it again for this one. I wanted to do a cool twist on the french manicure. First I painted my nails with two coat of CG Nude and one coat of SV to help it dry quickly. Once completely dry, I cut out a small triangle piece of the tape and placed it triangle tip up in the middle of my nail. With Illamasqua Rare - a really cool neon yellow- I painted around the pointed tip and sides of the tape, creating an inverted triangle design. I then topped my nails with another coat of SV. I really like this design. It's bright and subtle all at the same time. And I used two colors I already owned- ha! We'll see how long this moratorium on buying polish lasts. I have imposed one before to massive failure.