Catherine Arley Holographic Polish 670

Happy Monday! Back on the hamster wheel we go- lol! Saturday I got some awesome nail mail. Catherine Arley is a Turkish Nail Polish company that makes amazing holo polishes. I first saw them some time ago online and had to have them. They are not sold in the States so I had to hunt them down. I found them on a Bulgarian website that sells them for pretty cheap prices. The major drawback is the amount of time it took for them to arrive once I ordered them. It was insanely long. But the person who runs the online store was nice and answered my e-mail inquiries promptly. The holo line has fifteen colors, I bought three. They don't have names on the bottles which is kind of a bummer because the colors are gorgeous. The one I'm showing off today is 670. A soft lilac- pink with mega holo shimmer. I've been wearing a lot of bright colors lately and I find colors like this act as a palette cleanser for me but still hold some visual interest. I really would love to buy more of the colors but will have to find somewhere else to purchase them since I have no patience and can't wait another double fortnight before I get them.

                        This pic is with the flash on. Gorgeous silver and gold holo flecks!