Pink Glitter Sandwich

It's Wednesday! Which I know for some means pink manis. I don't usually do a pink mani on Wednesdays because I'm not much of a pink nail polish girl. But- I have been dying to do a glitter sandwich for awhile now and had two pinks that I thought would be perfect for it. I grabbed OPI Isn't That Precious which is a really pretty sheer pink. The formula is not quite a jelly but I figured it would looked really pretty with the glitter between the layers. For the glitter part of my sandwich I chose China Glaze Doll House-which is pink round glitter in a clear jelly. I did one generous coat of ITP and then strategically layered Doll House over it. The glitter is very manueverable(not a word, I know) so I was able to manipulate it to get my desired effect. I then layered another generous coat of ITP on and followed with a speed dry top coat. It turned out really pretty and feminine. After doing two rather dark manis in a row this is working somewhat like a palette cleanser for me. I often feel the desire to do something really soft and subtle after wearing dark colors for awhile. Ironically, I found this mani really hard to photograph well. After twenty minutes of photo taking these two pics are the best- and I did them on my iPhone. Go figure.