Lyndarella Connect the Dots Dupe -Scotch Tape Mani

Happy Monday all! If you read nail blogs religiously - which I'm sure you ;) - then you know of the lemmings that are Lynndarella polishes. They are gorgeous glitter packed polishes. If you are aware of Lynndarella then you are probably also aware about the drama that seems to surround them. I personally can't justify spending the amount of money they cost or the amount of drama simply to own a bottle Especially since there are so many fantastic indie polish makers outthere now. Which brings me to the polish I have for you today. It is called "Me Too" by Aqua Daisy. Me Too is a dupe of Lynndarella's Connect the Dots. And a fantastic one at that. Like CTD, Me Too is black and white hex glitter with black and white bar glitter in a clear jelly base. For this mani I decided to echo the black and white it Me Too.

 I started with two coats of Wet N' Wild's French White Cream. After letting it dry completely I taped off the nail at a diagonal using scotch tape. I then painted the un-taped section with Sinful Colors Black on Black. I alternated the pattern on each nail to keep it interesting. I then painted the nails with MT strategically placing the black glitter on the white section of the nails and the white glitter on the black section. I topped the mani with a generous coating of Seche Vite. I did not hold the bottle for the pics below because it was a mini and my hand look huge! Aqua Daisy minis retail for $4.50. Full size bottle for $9.50. Besides Me Too, Emmy at Aqua Daisy has amazing polishes so I greatly encourage you to check her store out.