Frosted Tips

I have been suffering a major case of mani design idea block lately. I've been super busy and stressed out with life stuff lately so when I sit down to do my manis I have no idea what I want to do. Last night was no exception. So I decided to just pick a few things out of my polish stash and see what happened. Two of the items I grabbed were Essie Mint Candy Apple and my dual-purpose nail art pen (one part is a brush the other is a pen) from Claire's in white. The result if I do say so myself is really cute. Of course this came after trying two other designs that I hated and starting over.  I started with two coats of Mint Candy Apple which I let dry completely. I then took the pen side of my nail art pen and created a "drip" effect. I added a few random single drips on the nails as well. The white went on pretty thick but thinned out once I added my top coat. This mani reminds me of frosting on a cake and actually made me hungry when I looked at the finished result- lol!