China Glaze Magnetix in Pull Me Close

Happy Friday Eve my fellow nail divas! A couple of months ago I swatched Color Club's magnetic polish, Magnetic Force. I wasn't very happy with the formula or the end result and wanted to try a another brands' magnetic polish. At my last nail polish haul at my local wholesale beauty supply store I picked up China Glaze Magnetics in Pull Me Close. 

Pull Me Close is a pretty dark steel gray. Just my kind of color. I had such a hard time applying Color Club's version and was holding out hope that I would have more luck with China Glaze. Not so much. Magnetic polish isn't as easy to apply as the instructions like to imply. The formula of the polish is fabulous, but the magnet is a pain. China Glaze's magnets are sold separately and have three different designs which is great, but like the Color Club magnet you have to hold the magnet extremely close to the nail. I bumped literally every single nail and had to start over- more than once. And the instructions warn you that if polish gets on the magnet you must remove immediately. So, I spent a ton of time wiping the magnet off with polish remover. Which I think weakens them. It took forever for some of the designs to even appear and when they did they didn't cover the entire nail. I used each magnet so you could see what the designs are like but they aren't as crisp as I would have liked. The star design came out more "tie-dye" in appearance than star-like and the diagonal lines are visible but small. As for the inverted v-design, they came out more like "u's". Having said all that once the nails dried and I applied my top coat they don't look too bad. I've had a few fellow nail enthusiasts ask me if I water marbled my nails. Which is definitely what it looks likes. A very cool water marble. So my final grade for this would be a C or if I'm generous a B-.