NOTD: Color Club Magnetic Force in Sci-Fi

Happy Friday! So, as I mentioned in my last post I had a pretty good haul at my local nail supply shop earlier this week, and this is one of the polishes I picked up. I have never used magnetic polish before, and it seems like everyone under the sun has one out right now. Color Club has a line called Magnetic Force. I picked it up in Sci-Fi which is an antique-y gold /bronze metallic. My opinion is not too great of this polish. First off the formula was think and grainy. I don't know if this is the norm for magnetic polishes but it kind of threw me off. It was thick enough to only require 1 good coat. The only problem with that is that it dried really quickly and the nails must still be wet in order for the magnet to work, so I found myself having to add coats on. The magnet is another issue. It is attached to the top of the bottle with a tiny lip which is supposed sit at the cuticle while you hold the magnet just above the nail. Nearly impossible to do without hitting the nail- which I did several times and had to start all over. Very frustrating. Also the magnet was hit or miss. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I had to go over a few nails twice in order to get the design to show at all. And after all of that I don't really like the results- the design is uneven and doesn't cover the entire nail. All in all, not impressed at all by it. I would still like to try a few other brands' version just to have something to compare this too, but this will be coming off tomorrow. So, yeah... Fail.

You can see how thick and slight grainy the formula looks - this is with a top coat.
The magnet lid. You can see the bits of polish on top from my bumping my wet nails with the magnet.