Hot Pink Gradient Manicure

Happy Hump Day! So let me start off by saying that I am not really a pink girl when it comes to nail polish. I like pink in general but for my nails I'm usually pretty "meh" about it. I own two pink nail colors (not including the multitude of sheer pink Essies I own- which in my opinion don't count). The first is Glamour House's Light Pink and the second in Butter London's Snog. GH's light pink is just that: a chalky pastel light pink with a semi matte finish. Snog on the other hand is a bright hot pink with a touch of shimmer to it. If you're an avid reader of nail polish blogs like I am then you know the current trend right now is gradient manicures. I have done them before but only with glitter polish, which is generally much easier to blend for a gradient effect. Everyone seems to have their own technique or tricks that they use. The one that intrigued me the most and whose results I found the coolest was Sammy's at The Nailasaurus. She does an awesome sponge technique with cream nail polish that I was dying to try, so I gave it a shot last night and decided to use my pinks. And I have to say: I kind of love it. It was super easy to do. All I used was a piece of foil. a makeup sponge, a toothpick and my two colors. It took me about 30 minutes tops (you have to let each coat dry completely). I did it while watching the season finale of New Girl (which is my new favorite sitcom, btw). Below is a photo of the results. It's really bright in person. I'm really excited to try this with other color combinations.

GH's Light Pink is very thin and it took about four coats to get an opaque finish. I then sponged on LP and Snog with my makeup sponge ( I did two layers) and topped with a coat of Seche Vite. Thi