Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance vs. Dupe: Revlon Scandalous

Happy Hump Day all. A couple of weeks ago I managed to come across the elusive Revlon Scandalous at the Walgreens across the street from where I work (go figure). I had been eyeing it for some time since by all accounts it is a perfect dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance. But of course me being the nail polish freak that I am, I couldn't just live with the dupe without ever comparing for myself so I purchased Bad Romance last week. The two are in fact strikingly similar. They dry to an almost identical finish, but the formulas are quite different. Scandalous is a great jelly formula packed with tons of large glitter bits for a high shine factor. But -it took three coats to be completely opaque. BR goes on opaque from the first coat- but the base wasn't as easy to manipulate as Scandalous was, and the beautiful glitter bits that you see in the bottle were harder to actually get on my nails. I had to use the brush to manipulate the glitter, while Scandalous was jam packed with glitter that went on my nail from the first coat. Below is the end product.
I used Scandalous on my middle finger and pinky, and BR on my index and ring fingers. As you can see there's isn't much of a difference, but Scandalous is a tad lighter/brighter. 
 The only thing truly different I would say are the prices of these polishes. Scandalous retails for $5.99 and Bad Romance is $18.