Pastel Water Marble Mani

Happy Monday eve! Today I have a water marble manicure to show you. I started doing water marble manis only a couple of months ago. They can be a bit time consuming so it's always more than a notion to decide to do one, but I recently purchased a few pastel spring colors and wanted to try them all at once. This wasn't the most successful attempt I've made. I'm finding that lighter colors can have a tendency to bleed in the water- and then onto my nail- when I create my marble pattern. For this mani I used 4 colors: Pop Beauty Nail Glam in Mint Green, Glamour House in Light Pink (which I also used as my base), Wet N' Wild Wild Shine in French White Cream and Blazed (a soft coral). The result was okay. Just okay. This was my first time using Pop Beauty Nail Polish as well as Glamour House. Pop Beauty's formula went on quite nicely, but the Light Pink Glamour House was streaky and I wound up using three thick coats of it for the base to get an opaque finish. I have a few other Glamour House colors that I haven't tried and am curious to see how they look on. It could have simply been because the color was so sheer and milky. Any who, here is the finished result. Excuse the mess- I took the photo before clean-up

As you can see the colors kind of bled together on my nails. Not the best water marble I've done. But I do love the colors so I may try it again with different nail polish brands.