NOTD: Inspired Nails Decals

Let me start off by saying that I was super excited to try nail decals. I've seen them on other people and thought they looked really cool. The ones I purchased to try I found on  Etsy from a shop called Inspired Nails. They make decals with cool themes like "mustaches" (which are literally miniature mustaches for your nails), Edgar Allen Poe and Ninjas. I ordered the "Typography" decal set. Inspired Nails recommends using a light color nail polish base and I opted for an opalescent white by Sinful Colors called Tokyo Pearl. The results for me were mixed, though I think this was due more to my inexperience applying decals than the decals themselves. I suck when it comes to cutting tiny little pieces of paper out. And so the pieces I applied are a bit too large. The ridges of the decal are slightly visible - not enough for most to notice but enough to drive me a bit crazy, perfectionist that I am. I do like the look of the decals on my nails. They are super cute and I've gotten compliments on them. Next go round I will opt for a plain white nail base, as the shimmery polish only seems to highlight any imperfections. I took a few photos in various lighting for you to see the result.

The decal edges are not terribly noticeable in the photo above but they are there.

A close up of just my nail and the edges are definitely noticeable. Grr....

Took this photo on my way to work in sunlight. Ick! This is one of the reasons why I hate using opalescent polish. I spent the time to clean up my nail edges and apparently missed a LOT. Oh- and the edges of the decal are glaringly obvious. *shrug*