Zoya Winter/Holiday 2017 Party Girls Collection Swatches & Review

Oh, hey remember me? I allegedly blog on this site from time to time lol. I'm excited to be posting today. It's been over a month and I've been itching to post. Real life has been fairly hectic along with the project I am working on that should be done and ready to go by the end of this month. By the way- today is the first day of December. Wha-? How Sway? How? Where has this year gone? I feel like Fall just arrived and we are already into the Holiday season. And with that comes winter and holiday collections! Today I have the Zoya Winter/Holiday collection, Party Girls to review for you.


The Swatch Details:

For each swatch I applied two coats with no top or base coat - with the exception of Delaney and Nadia where I applied three coats.


First up is Kelsey, a vibrant blue-pased pink cream. I at first was a bit confused about this color being in a winter collection. Pinks like this scream Spring/Summer to me. But I think the cool undertones make it work. The formula for this was good. I had no issues with application.


Ming is the first of the two red in this collection. I wore this color for about a week when I received the polishes. I usually don't go for these cool-toned reds as I'm not always a fan of how they look on me but this one was very pretty. It's a prefect Holiday-season red. The formula was on the thin side but not unmanageable and I was still able to reach full opacity with two coats. 


Solstice is a coral-pink infused with flecks of gold glitter. This one surprised me. I was pretty meh about it in the bottle but it came alive once applied to my nails. The formula is good - not thick of thin and had decent application. Does this color scream Winter or Holiday? Not so much. But this is a surprise fave for me. 


Landon is a dusky plum-based purple cream. The formula for this one was similar to Kelsey. Easy to apply with no issues. I'm honestly pretty meh about this one. It's a  pretty purple but nothing special. 


Fallon is a fuchsia pink metallic. The formula was decent. A tad thin but easy to work with. This was another one that was pretty meh for me. It's veering into frosted territory with the finish which as you all know, isn't my cup of tea. 


Danielle is a dusky blue cream. This formula was pretty much identical to Landon's. I feel the same way about this one as I do about Landon as well. Pretty but a bit meh. 


Sheri is the second red cream of the collection. This was one is a bit deeper and richer. Unfortunately the formula wasn't that great. It was incredibly sheer, runny and patchy and even after two coats my nail line was still visible (as you can see in the photos). I prefer red cream polishes to have thicker and more opaque formulas. 


Tawny is a rosy-toned copper. This colors is so pretty! The bottle just does not do it justice. The formula was pretty good as well. Not thick or thin and no issues with application. If you are looking for an alternative to gold polish for the Holiday season this would be a great option!


Isadora is a deep rich purple metallic with blue and pink reflects. Guys. This color. OMG. I literally gasped when I applied it. It reminds so much of Illamasqua Baptiste, only slightly lighter in tone. The formula was a bit thin but I was still able to achieve opacity with two coats. This one is a stunner and a perfect winter purple. 


Zoya describes Nadia as a "disco-gold" metallic topper. I would agree with this. They also describe it as "buildable", which I would not agree with. The formula is simply too thin and yet gel-like for buildable coverage IMO. I used three coats of Nadia in the pics and as you can see my nails were still pretty visible underneath. I would not apply more than three coats as it would become thick and gloopy looking. The coats simply don't apply well over one another. But - this would look amazing over navy blue or black or even a dark green or red.


And now we come to my least favorite polish of the entire collection. Delaney is described as a "multichromatic" with a metallic flip. Yeah... it just looks like a purple frost to me. I didn't see any shift on my nail (though you can kind of see it in the bottle). Not to mention that formula is just not good. It was incredibly thin and runny and even with three coats I felt like I still wasn't able to build it up to full opacity. 


And last but not least is another fave for me, Blake. Blake is described as a deep sapphire blue. I would describe it more as a deep blackened blue with green and gold flecks. In the bottle in certain light it either looks green or black. I had no idea this color was actually a dark blue until I applied it. And wow! This color kind of blew me away. When it hits the light the reflects really sparkle. My only gripe is that in low light the flecks are pretty much non-existent and it looks like you are just wearing a dark black or green polish. The formula was on the thin side but applied well and was opaque in two coats.



So, what do you all think? Any must-haves for you in this collection? Let me know in the comments! My faves are Tawny, Solstice, Blake and Isadora.


The Party Girls collection is currently available on the Zoya website. Each bottle retails for $10


Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017 Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Good morning peeps! I had a nasty nail break (which resulted in me having to cut all of my nails down) almost two weeks ago that put me out of commission until my nails became somewhat presentable again. They are still not quite where I want them to be but I received the Zoya Sophisticates collection and I've been dying to swatch them!



All polishes were swatched with no top coat. I used two coats for each polish with the exception of Gal.


First up is McKenna. Which is described as a refined pearl in a soft almond. The shimmer is very subtle in this polish. This was actually the very first polish I tried when I received the collection. I wore it for about two days and I loved it. The formula is amazing; fully opaque in two easy coats with no issues. 


Joni is described as a deep, dusty plum. It reads more dusky mauve to me. You will definitely need two coats for full opacity since this polish is on the thinner side, but other than that ether were no issues with application. 


Mona is a deep dusky burgundy. Mona is extremely similar to another color in the collection, Yvonne. The big difference is Mona has more brown undertones and a duskier looking finish. In the bottle however they look nearly identical. I actually swatched Yvonne twice by accident because I'd mistaken it for Mona! Formula wise the two are identical as well. The formula for both is great. Two coats with issues. 


Beth is a champagne metallic. I was funny expecting to not like this color. But- I love it! It is so gorgeous on the nail. Not too frosty and it dries down nicely. You will need two coats for this one since it is rather sheer. I was actually surprised that I didn't need a third coat for full opacity. 


Hera is described as a muted red mauve cream. This reads more pink-y than mauve to me. I was pretty meh about this one. The formula was okay; thin but fully opaque in two coats. I just find the color itself rather blah. It reads more Spring than Fall to me. 


Gal is the sister polish to Beth. It is a golden toned peridot green metallic. Unfortunately this was my least favorite polish in the collection. The formula was a weird combo of being both too thin and too thick. I used three coats for the swatches and as you can see still could not achieve full opacity. The formula also dragged a bit leaves bald patches. 


Elaine is the third of the dark brown/burgundy/reds in the collection. It is also the darkest leaning more towards brown on the nail. In photos it leans more toward red. In real life however it reads very much like a brown. The formula was the same as Mona's. Two coats for full opacity with no issues. 


Padma is a deep dusky pink with red undertones. Basically the darker sister to Hera. Formulas were identical as well. Again I don't have much to say about this color. It's not a shade I would reach for very often but it is a solid classic color. 


Presley is a smokey mauve taupe cream. This is probably my favorite color in the collection. I just love colors like this. They are so so soft and pretty and universally flattering on all skin tones. The formula was good as well; the polish was a bit thin but not overly so and was opaque in two coats. 


Tabitha is a pearlescent hunter green. The formula was thin but I was able to achieve full opacity at two coats. My only gripe with this color is I feel like Zoya has done it a million times. I fell like I own so many Zoya greens that are comparable to this one. If you don't however this is a good choice since the formula is solid and the color is perfect for Fall. 


Yvonne is the last of the vampies in this collection and the one that read the most red. It is a very pretty brick red cream. Again, the formula was identical to Mona's and Elaine's so if you are trying to decide which to get I would focus on which undertones you like best. 


And last is Hadley which Zoya describes as a smokey midnight blue. It also has some grey undertones to it that I really like. I like this color a lot. I'm actually wearing it on my toes right now. It's a great alternative to black polish when you want something just a tad more wearable in the office. The formula was good, I would compare it to Mona's as far as consistency and application. 


My final thoughts on this collection is that it's good. It's a solid collection. But - I do with Zoya would stop releasing collections with there versions of the same color. They did it with their Summer collection as well and it bothered me then as well.It just comes across as too same-y same-y and if I were someone who deciding to purchase colors from this collection I probably would just pick one of the shades, not all of them. I also wish that there were so more interesting colors in general in the collection. Can't a girl get a mustard yellow? 


The Zoya Sophisticates collection is now available on Zoya's website. Each bottle retails for $10.

Do you have your eye on some of the colors in this collection? If so, which ones? Let me know in the comments!


Zoya Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Okay, so I know I said I was back and then I disappeared again. Completely unintentional I promise. A couple of things happened this month: I had a birthday (yay!), I broke TWO nails (booo!), a package full of stamping plates I was planning on using for a nail art post got lost on it's way here from London (booo again!), and Ramadan started. I'm also beginning work on an exciting new project and that is taking up a lot of my creative energy. So it's been a busy month to say the least. I was feeling major guilt about not posting, but then I just had to remind myself that sometimes life happens and we just have to go with the flow. I have a pretty awesome post for you today that I hope makes up for my absence! Zoya recently released their new Summer 2017 collection, called Wanderlust. It is made up of twelve vibrant summer-themed shades and has eight cremes and four shimmers. 


The details:

I used no top or base coat for my swatches (this was for convenience since I was swatching 12 shades back to back!). I used two coats for each polish, unless otherwise indicated.

Winnie is described as a "watermelon" pink creme on Zoya's site. I don't find that color description to be accurate. It's more of a bright cool-toned pink with blue undertones. Think Barbie pink. I was thoroughly prepared to me meh about this polish since every summer polish collection to exist seems to have this shade of pink in it. But - I actually really like it. It's actually one of my favorites in the entire collection. There is something different about it- though I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe the cool undertones? Formula wise, this performed like most of the cremes in the collection: thin and a bit streaky on the first coat, fully opaque and smooth on the second.  


Sawyer is described as a soft taffy orange cream. It reminds me of a creamsicle! This is my favorite shade in the collection. I love orange polishes for summer and I like that this one is just a tad softer  than the usual neons or red-oranges. It's not a pastel - but almost. The formula is identical to Winnie's. 


Arbor is an olive green cream. This formula was a tad thinner that the previous -two - but despite this I had none of the issues of streakiness on the first coat like the other either. It applied really easily from the first coat. I love green shades like this and you usually find them in Spring or Fall collections, so I don't know if I'd reach for this much over the next few weeks. I tend to want something more vibrant on my nails in the Summer. 


Sonja is described as a crimson red. But to me this is the polish that screams watermelon! It's such a vibrant "juicy" shade. It's a nice subtle twist to the classic orange-red for summer. This particular formula was identical to Arbor's. Super easy to apply with no issues. 


Esty is a bubble gum pink creme, according to Zoya. This is number two of THREE shades of pink in this collection. Esty is pretty. I can't say much more about it since I feel like it's waaay to similar in tone to the other darker pink in the collection. I literally almost got them mixed up while writing this post and had to double check to make sure I was posting the right one! That's how similar they are. The formulas was similar to Winnie's and Sawyer's. 


Scout is one of four shimmers in the collection and is described as a shimmery moss green. Its the only one of the four shimmers that I really like. Unlike the other three, it does not have a frosty undertone to it. And I am sucker for shades like this. My camera didn't do a great job of picking up the gold olive tones in this polish, but they are beautiful!  I was really impressed with the formula for Scout. Even though it is thin, it applied smooth and evenly and it is the only one of the shimmers that was fully opaque with two coats. This was the first polish in the collection that I tried and I wore it for about three days. And while I loved it - it feels very Fall. So like Arbor, this is a color I probably won't pick up again until Fall.


Cora is described as a muted coral orange. On my skin tone it reads waaay more vibrant than it does in the bottle. If you are paler this will probably read a bit softer on you. Neverthekess I love this color. Like I said I love oranges for Summer and I like that this one reads vibrant on me without being neon. It's a nice middle road between Sawyer and Sonja color-wise. The formula was comparable to Winner, Sawyer and Esty. 


Mandy is described as a shimmery berry pink. Le sigh... I always feel bad reviewing shades like this because I know before I put them on that I will hate them. Shimmery, frosty colors are the finish I dislike the most. And I would love to have something nice to say about the formula but I really don't. It was super thin and I had to be careful applying my second coat to make sure that I didn't pull or lift the first coat. it is not opaque after two coats. My nails are short right now so you can't tell as much in photos but in real life, I could still see my nail bed. You will probably need three super then coats to get full opacity. 


And we have Byrdie. Described on Zoya's site as a  muted fuchsia pink. Not to be confused with Esty. Why Zoya?! Why?! This was so confusing. When I fist received the polishes I thought that they had sent me two of the same shade by accident until I looked at the bottom of the bottles and saw that nope - these are two different polishes. The undertones are slightly  different. Byrdie is pretty and if I had to choose between Byrdie and Esty I would probably go with Esty. The formula was identical to Esty's as well so if you are choosing between the two it's a bit of a coin toss. 


Lois is described a rich magenta violet cream. It reads a bit muted on my skin tone. I love a good purple polish but this one was a bit meh for me. I would have loved something a tad more vibrant. The formula was very good. a bit thin and applied evenly and smoothly. I would say it was one of the better formulas in the collection. 


Journey is a shimmering strawberry red. Formula was identical to Mandy's. You will probably need three coats for this one for full opacity. 


River is described as a shimmering cobalt blue. Frost. Frost everywhere! Formula was again identical to Mandy's and Journey's. The one major thing that blew me away about this polish: it did not stain my nails! Now, sure I only had it on for like fine minutes, tops but that is usually more than enough time for most blue polishes to turn my nails into little Smurfs. I swatched this polish with NO base coat as well. That's impressive!


Final thoughts:

Overall, this is a solid collection. There is a bit of same-y, same-y to it with so many different pinks and oranges and I wish that Zoya had stepped outside the box a bit and added a few more summer-inspired bright shades. But - I have worn multiple colors from this collection multiple times since I received it. And that's usually a great litmus test for me as to how wearable a collection is. The colors I have worn the most are: Winnie (I was actually wearing it when I started swatching and had to remove it!), Sawyer, Cora and Sonja. They are also my faves of the collection! Formula-wise, with the exception of the shimmers (minus Scout which was opaque in two coats), these performed really well and were completely opaque in two coats. 

The Zoya Wanderlust collection is available on the Zoya website. Each shade retails for $10 a bottle.

What do you think of this collection? Any shades on your wishlist? If so which ones> Let me know in the comments!

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Zoya Charming Collection Swatches & Review

*Provided for Review

Hello gang! Today I have for you the Zoya Charming Collection, Zoya's Spring 2017 release. I was so excited about this particular collection. Why, you ask? Because there is finally, a polish with my name! The spelling is different but hey- I'll take it! 

The details:

I used one coat of base coat and no top coat for all swatches. Almost all were done with two coats, unless otherwise indicated below in my review.


First up is Abby, a light lavender cream and my personal fave of the collection. Lavender just screams Spring to me and so I was really excited to see this color in the press release. The formula is also my personal fave of the bunch: though I used two coats for pics, you can achieve full opacity with just one coat of this polish. It's on the thicker side so if you opt to do two coats I recommend thin ones.

Jordan is the ubiquitous Spring pink of the collection ( And hey - it wouldn't be Spring without a little pink, right?). Nothing super ground-breaking about this shade; it's a pretty soft pastel pink and the formula is nice - though a tad thinner than Abby. You will need two coats for full opacity with this one. 

Tina is plummy, mauve-y toned purple. cream. The formula was similar to Jordan's. I sued two coats for opacity and had no issues during application. 


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Next up is...my namesake, Amira. Finally! It's so hard when you have a unique or uncommon name to find things with your name on them (I remember as a child wanting one of those cool license plate key chains with your name on it - endless disappointment). Alas this polish has my name with a caveat to it - it's spelled differently (my name is spelled Ameerah - which I happen to like better). Amira is a soft pastel blew with silver micro-shimmer.  I REALLY wanted to like this polish. For obvious reasons. But... I just don't. The finish is not my fave and I found the formula difficult to work with. I used two coats for pics and as you can see on my pinky finger in the pics, still had some patchiness and streaks. The formula has an almost jelly feel to it so you have to use super thins coats when applying. 

Lacey is a pastel green with the same micro-shimmer as Amira. Again, I was not that impressed by this polish. The formula was pretty much identical to Amira's and I had the same issues during application.

Last up, is Millie, a violet metallic shade with micro-shimmer. Again, not a fan. As you can see in pics, even with two coats, I just couldn't achieve full opacity. I opted not to use a third to show what the polish looks like against the others with only two coats. This leans on the frosted side of things which is why I'm not that keen on the color itself.  If yo enjoy colors like this, three thin coats is your best bet for opacity. 

So overall, I loved the three cream polishes in this collection, with Abby being my favorite. I was really disappointed with the shimmers, though. Especially Amira, which is a real bummer. I wish this collection had a brighter more Spring-like green in it as well.

The Charming collection is available on the Zoya website. Each bottle retails for $10. 

Have you purchased any shades from this collection? Are there any on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

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Zoya Naturel 3 Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have the Zoya Naturel 3 Collection for your viewing pleasure. This collection was a bit different in that it not only has six polishes, but three lipsticks! I will be posting my swatches and thoughts on the lipsticks at the end of this post.

The details:

For swatches I used two coats for each with no top coat.

First up is Tatum and is described as a medium tone nude. On me this runs more on the yellow side. It's not bad but I tend to like more cooler or neutral -toned nudes. The formula was once of the thinner of the six but I had no issues with application and achieved full opacity with two coats.


Cathy is neutral leaning light pink. This one is a great office appropriate color. The formula was thicker than Tatum's - you could easily get away with one coat for this one if you apply it carefully. Again, no issues with application. 


Jill is described as light mauve-toned nude. I would describe it as a classic mauve. This is my favorite of the lighter three shades not only for the color but for the formula. This is a one-coater. I applied two coats for continuity with the other swatches but I really didn't need it. It applied evenly and smoothly with no issues. I've worn this color twice now and I love it. It's a great palette cleanser if you're sick of wearing dark colors this season.  


Mary is described as a medium raisin brown. I would describe it more as a lighter dusky brown. The formula was great - pretty much identical to Jill's. This one could definitely be a cone-coater as well. I wasn't a huge fan of this one in the bottle but once it dried down I thought it was quite pretty. I think on lighter skin tones this one might pull a bit more mauve. 


Gina is described as medium brown neutral. Of the three browns this one is my favorite. It reminds me of hot cocoa! Formula was identical to Jill and Mary. This is probably the most universally flattering of the three darker shades. And the high shine is really impressive. This is with no top coat!


Last up for the polishes is Debbie, a plum brown cream. This one definitely reads more purple on the nail than it does in the bottle. The formula was good though not as easy to work with as the others. This is another color that I think is universally flattering. It also works if you want something a tad darker but not vampy.

I liked this collection far more on the nail than I did in the bottles. Specifically the browns. In the bottle they all pretty much look the same. I don't know if you necessarily need all of them - unless you want them all of course lol. Below is a comparison pic of all three so you can see the differences side by side. If you are looking for great formulas I would highly recommend Mary and Gina. As for the lighter shades, Jill is my hands down fave (I'm actually wearing her as I write this post!)

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And now the lipsticks!

I am a huge lipstick lover  - the only thing I own more of is nail polish! So I was very excited when Zoya announced that they would be releasing lipsticks. There first launch of the Zoya Perfect Lipstick collection was in late Fall when they released 12 cream lipstick shades. I wasn't able to get my hands on those, but the range is pretty impressive. For the Naturel 3 collection they released three additional colors: Cameron, a creamy nude. Paisley, a rose blush. And Maxwell, a deep plum.



Unfortunately Cameron reads almost invisible on my lips and skin tone. I decided to wear it out layered over a darker neutral and it was quite pretty. The formula is very sheer. If you are looking for an opaque nude this one may not be right for you. It's more for when you want a light hint of color to your natural lip shade.


Paisley is very pretty and is a universally flattering shade. Like Cameron, it applies quite sheer and is more for a hint of color than a full coverage cream lipstick.


The darkest of the trio, Maxwell is my favorite of the bunch. The color is deep and rich and perfect for Winter. But again - in keeping with the other two it's sheer. The good news is that you can build up the color or even layer it over a another dark berry shade for a shinier finish.


Overall, while I think the colors are pretty they are not my cup of tea. I wear mostly matte liquid lipsticks and so I am used to brighter more opaque shades that are long -lasting. If you prefer something more natural or naturel - see what I did there? - then these are a great option.

The Naturel 3 collection is available via the Zoya website. The polishes retail for $10 each. The lipsticks retail for $12.

*Products provided for review

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