Fall Leaves Nail Art & PolishCon 2017

Hello strangers! It's been a minute. I would love to say that I was sooo busy and couldn't sit down to blog but my absence was much more annoying than that. Early September I had a nail break. Nothing huge but it meant I wouldn't be able to blog for a bit while it grew out to a decent length that I could actually take pictures and my nails not look crazy. Which it did and I was able to post my Zoya Sophisticates swatches & review. Literally a few days after that I suffered another nail break - on the same nail - but this time it was damn near catastrophic. And painful. I split my nail (while randomly reaching for a file folder at my desk and banging my hand - nails first - on my wire inbox) straight across - below the tip of my nail. It was such a bad break that my finger was actually sore for days afterward. I couldn't use nail polish remover because it stung so bad. I couldn't do anything for the nail really other than wrap my finger in a band aid until the soreness went away.



In that time I was really missing nail art and nail polish. Especially since on September 23rd I had the pleasure of going to the Chicago PolishCon at Navy Pier. If you've never heard of PolishCon it is a nail polish convention featuring tons of indie polish brands. This was my first time going and I had an amazing time. I got to meet the owners of some of my favorite indie polish brands and I spent waaay too much money!

My nail has grown out a bit, but is still basically being held together by nail glue and prayers. But I am finally able to do my nails and do a bit of nail art which I did over the weekend (yay!). I decided to use a bunch of the polishes I purchased at PolishCon for this Fall nail art design.



UberChic Beauty Lovely Leaves Plate 01

Creative Stamper

Winstonia Berry Fine Liner

Polishes used (a ton!):

LynBDesigns Why Not Take Olive Me (base color)

For Stamping Decals:

Painted Polish Stamped in Mustard & Stamped in Moss

Different Dimensions Timeless Treasures

Hit the Bottle As Black as Night

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


Started with two coats of Why Not Take Olive Me. I then used my standard nail decal technique: I stamped my leaves image with As Black As Night and used my liner brush to paint in the leaves. I applied top coat over the image and allowed to dry a bit on the stamper. Once dry (but a bit tacky) I gently lifted the decal off the stamper and applied to my nails. I sealed everything with top coat and cleaned up the edges with acetone and my clean-up brush. 


Below are a few random pics from PolishCon. I wish I had taken more but I was too busy shopping!


From the Archives Bonus Post: Golden Vine Fall Nail Art

From the Archives: Gradient Fall Stamping w/UberChic Beauty Wild West Plate

Originally posted: November 28, 2016 


Tools used:

Clear Stamper

Makeup Sponge

Uber Chic Wild West-01 plate

Ellagee Lickety Split Liquid Latex

Polishes used:

Zoya Cinnamon and Ziv

Hit the Bottle Black as Knight

KBShimmer Clearly on Top


I started with two coats of Cinnamon and once dry I applied Lickety Split around my cuticles and sponged on my gradient with a combo of Cinnamon and Ziv. I applied a layer of Clearly on Top. Using my stamper and Black as Knight I stamped on my image from the Wild West-01 plate. I finished with another coat of Clearly on Top. 


From the Archives: Fall Nail Art with Superchic Lacquer Rum Billie

Fall is unofficially upon us (although let's be real here: the moment Starbucks drops the PSL - it's Fall) and I am all about fall nails and nail art. I am still nursing my nail break wounds and I don't feel my nails are quite where I want them to be for nail art. So all this week I will be sharing some of my favorite fall nail art I've done on the blog. Today's post is featuring a stamping design I did that I was so incredibly happy with. And it features one of my all-time favorite polishes!

*Originally posted: November 21, 2016 


In my Fall Polish Wish List post I featured this colors by Superchic LacquerRum Billie. I am obsessed with this color - I've worn it three times since purchasing it a few weeks ago.  I wanted to do some nail art over it but couldn't decide what to do. Finally, I just picked an image from a stamping plate that I liked and used that. 


Clear Stamper

Ellagee Lickety Split Liquid Latex

Born Pretty Stamping Plate - BPL015

Polishes used:

Superchic Lacquer Rum Billie

Hit Polish Black and Knight

KBShimmer Clearly on Top



 love the way these turned out. Though they are a bit more Halloween-esqe than Fall. But we are going to ignore that and call it Fall-inspired anyway!


Double Stamping Part Deux: Teal and Purple Nail Art

Happy Friday everyone! Today's post is the original nail art design I did before last week's post. I used the same stamping pattern with darker colors. I wasn't a hundred percent happy with it, so I decided to redo it using lighter colors, which I liked much better. Teal and purple is one of my favorite color combos but this turned out a tad too dark for my liking. So the photos I took for this design sat unedited on my camera. I've decided to share them anyway because there's nothing actually wrong with design. It's definitely more Fall than last week's version. And I've been getting into the mood for Fall so much this past week or so. I've even been shopping for boots! 

Tools used:

Clear Stamper 

MoYou London Fashionista Plate 07

Polishes used:

CbL The Need for Speed  

Moonflower Polish Turquesa & Violeta

CbL PDQ Top Coat


I followed the same steps as I did with in my previous post. I began with two coats of Need for Speed and then double stamped on my pattern beginning with Violeta and repeating with Turquesa. I finished with a coat of PDQ. 

I wish I had used the teal as the base and then added the purple over it. I think it would have brightened the design up a bit. But, oh well. I still love this colors combo and I'm going to try it with a different pattern and base color. 

Which version of this nail art do your prefer? Let me know in the comments!