Inspired by Fashion - Christian Siriano Resort 2017 Nail Art

Okay, okay so before you all start virtually pelting me with nail polish bottles for not having this post up yesterday let me explain:  Over the weekend I had a pretty nasty nail break. Because of course  - whenever I have tons of posts planned that's what happens to me. Anyway, the break was gnarly and I didn't know if I would even be able to shape my poor little nail to make it look halfway presentable. But I managed to get the shaped somewhat decent and I sat down on Sunday night fully prepared to have my post ready. I did my nails, took the pics and everything. I wasn't very happy with how my nails turned out but I thought I could salvage the pics and post anyway. So I edited the pics. And hated every. single. photo. Seriously hated. I was forcing myself to post nail art that I wasn't proud of and I'd made a promise to myself awhile back that I would never do that again.  And so I scratched the entire post and started over. I chose a different design as my inspo - one that I liked even more than the original and I am sooo happy with how my nails turned out! 


Tools used:

Detail brush

(I used the end of it to create the dots!)

Polishes used:

Zoya Naked Manicure Perfector

Zoya Naked Manicure Tip Corrector

Zoya Ziv

OPI Matte Top Coat


I wanted to replicate the sheer layers of the dress. I started with one coat of Manicure Perfector. I them used the end of my detailing brush to create the dots alternating between Ziv and Tip Corrector. I then layered on another coat on Perfector and one dots withe Tip Corrector. I finished with a layer of Matte Top Coat

I am in love with the dress on the right in the above photo and I think my replication of it turned out pretty good. I'm also glad that I went back to the drawing board and didn't post something that I was unhappy with. I've done that in the past (most bloggers have) because I felt I just needed to get a post up and I've always regretted it. Never put out something you don't feel you can't stand behind or feel about!


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